Pet collars – AmberCrown
Pet collars – AmberCrown

Unquestionable quality Amber Crown™ Collars are handmade from authentic Baltic amber.

It's Safe to Cuddle
when Your Pet Wears Chemical-Free Protection

*100 days 100% Customer Satisfaction - Money Back Guarantee Applies

What People are Saying

The results almost seem too good to be true

I'd stopped walking Gabby across the street because she always came back with ticks after walking in the woods and tall grass. The past few days I decided to tempt fate and resume our "dangerous" walks. Result? Not one tick, big or small, dead or alive!

-Spudman (review from

My dog is small and has a myriad of different allergies

She has been wearing this product for almost three weeks and I have not seen any fleas or ticks. She is also no longer scratching. I live in Florida where bugs are ALWAYS a problem. Not having to give the little one chemicals to keep them away is so amazing.

-Tangierine (review from

It is rather shocking how well these work without chemicals

It makes me feel better if my dog is miserable with itching to know I am not poisoning her by some of the horrible things that kill fleas.

-Chandler (review from

What Amber Crown™ collar is All About

Sturdy model with adjustable leather strap is great choice for active dogs and growing puppies

Amber is a natural tick and flea repellent verified by thousands of happy customers. Unlike other remedies, amber collars are safe even for kids to touch and hold!

  • 100% chemical-free, no insecticides. It is a powerful weapon against parasites and great looking pet adornment.
  • Amber Crown™ collars are suitable for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and even pregnant or nursing pets!
  • Variety of models and sizes to fit all needs is available.
  • And the best part: It is cheaper than chemical alternatives and it continues to protect your pet for up to one year!

Why Choose Amber Collar

Have you ever seen conventional chemical treatment without a warning about toxicity?

Let's face it: if it's not safe for you and your children to touch your pet, it's most likely not safe for your pet!

Sure it is great to protect your pet but at what cost? Basically, you are paying to intoxicate your pet!

And that is not the case with amber protection. Just see the comparison bellow.

Let's break it down

Why Amber is the Right Choice Compared to Chemicals

Chemical Collars and Drops

Amber Crown™ Collars

Usually contains Imidacloprid, Flumethrin, Methoprene and other synthetic chemicals.

Chemical composition

Organic Amber is natural tree resin fossilized over millions of years.

Warning on each package
"KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN" says everything. You are forced to wash your hands after cuddling with your pet. Instructions state: it's not recommended for puppies, kittens, pregnant or nursing pets.

Chemical composition

Completely safe even to swallow!
In fact, amber holistic properties are known for thousands of years. Amber necklaces are worn by millions of men, women and children every day around the world.

Reportedly, allergy, skin irritation, lethargy, tiredness and even skin burning cases are not uncommon with chemical remedies.

Chemical composition

Amber is natural anti-allergen and will actually help protect your pet from other allergies.

Most chemical solutions offer
1 to 8 months protection.

Chemical composition

Amber provides
at least 12 months protection.

Chemical solutions cost from $40 to $140 a Year depending on your choice.

Chemical composition

Amber Crown™ protection price starts at only $23.97 to $36.97 a Year depending on model and pet size.

Various restrictions apply to prevent intoxication. Most chemical solutions are not suitable for puppies, kittens, nursing or pregnant pets. It's not recommended in homes with little children.

Chemical composition

Not a single restriction - amber collars are suitable for all pet species, age and size. It's safe even for babies to touch and drool on.

Amber collar in a box
100 days 100% Guarantee

Try Amber Crown™ Collar for 100 Days Risk-Free!

That's right! If, for any reason, you're not satisfied with your purchase we will refund 100% of your investment. It's a hassle-free 100 day guarantee.
That's how confident we are about our product quality.
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