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Amber Crown Reviews

  • "We love our amber teething necklace from Amber Crown! I have noticed a decrease in drooling and I like to think it's helping with our little ones teething pain. We also get tons of compliments because it looks so cute on him! I would recommend this product to all moms!"

    - Chelsey M.

  • "I am beyond impressed. Not only did this collar work, but it also looks good on my dog. I especially love the leather adjustable part of the collar. My dog is all rough and tumble and plays with our frisky cat everyday and the collar has stayed on all this time."

    - Rebecca L.

  • "We absolutely loved our amber necklace we purchased for our teething 9 month old. Not only does it help with her teething pain but it also looks so adorable on her! We get asked often where we got it and our little bean gets a lot of compliments on it."

    - Penny P.

  • "IF you have a dog with a flea allergy - GET IT. I am almost without words because I have been dealing with this issue with her for so long. I can't say it will work for everyone and I know there are different breeds of fleas but the difference in the quality of life for my Lizzie has been astounding. LOVE this amber flea collar!"

    - Mira H.

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