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What's up?

Meet us at SuperZoo 2016 in Las Vegas!

SuperZoo 2016

We're exhibiting our products at SuperZoo this year.

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Successful on the First Day on Indiegogo!

Our campaign for a new version of amber collar was fully funded on the first day on Indiegogo! Much more was funded throughout the campaign and we're happy that all backers have already received their new Amber Crown collars!

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 What people are saying about Amber Crown products

 Worth every penny and more!
"This amber collar has been wonderful! We've had it for about 3 weeks now, and I noticed an immediate difference...
...she is sleeping and back in our room at night, and she's putting on weight again. Thank you for making this collar! It literally has saved her life, saved my family from a heartbreaking decision and saved us a ton of money in vet bills."
  -Colleen Esper

 Great Product.
"So far this gadget seems to actually work. I'll get back if it fails. July and August, we live in deep woods. not a single parasite. I'm as believer. Great product."

 Stylish and it works!
"I'm not sure how this product works, I'm just telling you that it does. I have four more dogs that need this product and my daughter has five dogs. I am very happy to recommend this to you, it will bring so much relief to your dog and to your home. Give it a try, you will not be sorry."
  -Shirley Priscilla Johnson

In total over 1,400 positive reviews online and counting...

 Amber Crown Collar Fast Facts

  • Retail ready packaging
  • Made of authentic raw Baltic amber
  • All-natural and odor-free protection from ticks and fleas
  • Zero adverse effects on pets, family and home
  • Beautiful and unique accessory
  • Safe for puppies, adult, senior, allergic, and even pregnant or nursing pets
  • Suitable for all dog and cat species - 10 different sizes available
  • Effective repellent for up to 12 months
  • Amber Crown is able to handle intense replenish plans
  • Works in two complementary ways: friction between the amber beads and fur releases the aromatic terpines (piney scents) of amber and creates a slight static charge that impedes pests’ ability to cling to hairs.

 Here's How We Look!

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