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About Baltic Amber

Around 60 million years ago, vast forests of prehistoric pine trees grew in the present location of the Baltic Sea. The climate was warm, damp and these forests were a habitat of many different kinds of life that had survived the extinction of the dinosaurs.

pine resin

Healing from injuries caused by lightning, storms, pests or diseases, pine trees produced large quantities of sticky resin to seal the wounded areas and prevent further damage. Every day, the resin slowly oozed down to the forest floor, where it was washed away by seasonal rivers and eventually covered by many layers of soil.

The climate cooled down, forcing the extinction of these pines but the resin stayed buried underground and slowly hardened into amber. Over millions of years, what once was forest became sea and strong currents, rivers and glaciers carried amber deposits to the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea.

Nowadays, we often find little pieces of amber washed ashore on the peaceful beaches of Lithuania. According to an old folk tale, the pieces of amber we find are tears of an underwater goddess Jurate who was punished for falling in love with a mere fisherman Kastytis. Or fragments of her once magnificent palace.

The legend of Jurate and Kastytis. Wood carving by D. Šakalienė

That’s a sad story.

But there’s nothing sad about amber! It is absolutely amazing that we can hold something old as dinosaurs in our hands. These little stones have withstood the test of time and contain incredible energy of nature. That’s why since the dawn of man, amber was known for its power to heal, relieve pain and reduce stress.

We bring you the highest quality Baltic amber products with the priceless help of local artisans who make every piece by hand. It takes a great deal of precision, patience and love!

Amber journey from the depths of Baltic sea to your home:

  1. Amber is gathered and mined at the Curonian Spit.
  2. Our craftsmen drill a hole in every small gem and string them on a strong thread, separating every piece with knots.
  3. We put your new amber necklace to a beautiful gift-ready box and speed it to you!