Press Kit for Crowdfund Campaing on March the 30th – AmberCrown

Press Kit for INDIEGOGO Campaing on March the 30th

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After 5 years of selling the first version of Amber Crown collar for dogs we're launching our vastly improved product. It will be revealed on March the 30th on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform.

Amber Crown collar is the family-friendliest, most beautiful and effective flea and tick collar for dogs and cats made of raw Baltic amber.

Amber Crown Fast Facts

  • 20,000+ units of first necklace version sold;
  • Protects from ticks and fleas naturally;
  • Chemical and odor-free protection;
  • Safe for family;
  • Made of authentic raw Baltic amber;
  • Beautiful and unique accessory;
  • Helps against inflammation;
  • Safe for puppies, nursing, even pregnant pets;
  • Suitable for all dog and cat species - 10 different sizes available;
  • Handcrafted by amber artisans;
  • Gift ready packaged;
  • First necklace sold 5 years ago;
  • First online sale happened 2 years ago;
  • Originates from Baltic amber country Lithuania.

Press Release


Amber Teething Necklace - for Your Dog? Achieving Funding Goal on First Day on Indiegogo, Baltic Amber Tick and Flea Collars to Go Global

Lithuanian dog groomer and entrepreneur husband, who stumbled upon the ultimate solution for all-natural tick and flea prevention using amber from the Baltic Sea, are set to take their products to a global audience

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA -- April 7, 2016-- For all the dog lovers who don’t want to expose their furry best friends to potentially harmful pesticides, a new solution from Lithuania has everyone wagging their tails: all-natural tick and flea prevention collars made from beautiful Baltic amber. With the launch of their first Indiegogo campaign, the entrepreneurs behind Amber Crown have found great success: the campaign was fully funded by the end of the first day on the crowdfunding platform. This success confirms what Amber Crown founders Mindaugas and Erika Brusokas already knew: their pest-preventive, chemical-free and stunning collars are a hit.

With Erika having worked as a dog groomer for many years, Amber Crown founders call themselves “dog people”. In fact, it’s through Erika’s work as a groomer that the Brusokas’s realized they discovered a non-chemical remedy for tick and fleas right in their own back yard: the Baltic Sea. Erika offered the hand crafted amber collars as an attractive and protective accessory to her clients - and soon, feedback about their pest-repelling qualities started pouring in. “We knew we were onto something special,” commented Mindaugas, “and as demand for these collars continued to rise, we decided to take them to a global market.”

Amber Crown tick and flea collars harness the power of amber, working in two complementary ways: the aromatic terpines (piney scents) of amber repel parasites while friction between the amber beads and fur create a slight static charge that impedes pests’ ability to cling to hairs. Crafted from genuine, raw Baltic amber and natural, hand-cut leather, these beautiful collars come in a variety of sizes, and are safe for all kinds of dogs: puppies, adult, senior, and even pregnant or nursing pets.

To thank supporters, the Amber Crown team has come up with some exciting perks: depending on the donation amount, supporters can get an amber flea collar for their four-legged friends in any size, while a donation of $49 will buy a lucky dog and its owner a matching amber necklace and collar set! For the jet-set, a donation of $4999 or more buys the true Baltic Sea experience in the charming and restful fishing village of Nida, Lithuania where Amber Crown hails from. For those who want in on the action, and the tick and flea prevention, there are just 20 days left before this campaign expires – so click here to get an all-natural tick and flea collar for Fido

About Amber Crown: Amber Crown believes in the protective power of nature. Because we want your pets to be happy and your home to be healthy, we strive to reduce unnecessary and harmful chemicals in your life. We take the natural pest-protective gift of Amber that the Baltic sea generously gives us to bring you locally handmade, natural and organic products.


Jane Zobak
Public relations