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Amber Teething Necklace (Honey)

Amber Teething Necklace (Honey)
Amber Teething Necklace (Honey)
Amber Teething Necklace (Honey)
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Teething can cause a whole lot of discomfort and there’s nothing worse than seeing your beloved children cranky, drooling and in pain. When snuggles and kisses don’t help anymore, many parents resort to using teething tablets and gels that contain various chemicals and may cause even more trouble.

Good news is, you can soothe those swollen cheeks and stop the crying without any medicine. Thousands of mothers worldwide have already discovered the best natural way to deal with teething pain!

Our cute all-natural Baltic amber teething necklace will put back that beautiful smile on your little one’s face in no time.

For thousands of years, amber has been known in Europe for its natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. In recent years, with more and more people turning to natural remedies, amber is emerging worldwide as a go-to for alleviating infant teething pain. It also reduces drooling and stimulates immune system renewal.

Amber Crown teething products are hand-made from smoothly polished, highest quality Baltic amber, safely knotted between every bead.

No matter what color you choose, we can ensure - your baby will look absolutely adorable! The necklace is 12.5 inches (32 cm) long to fit any neck size.

Comes in a beautiful and gift-ready paper box, so look no further for a great baby shower gift!

Please note: Amber products for babies are designed for wearing, not chewing. Use amber necklace only under adult supervision and always take it off for bedtime.

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Denise Mallon

I never received my delivery!!! ???

Best gift ever!

This necklace is a lifesaver. Our 15 month old got a lot of teeth early and we can definitely tell the difference between when she wears it and when she doesn’t. Drastically cuts down on drooling and her demeanor is improved. And she gets so many compliments on it! We started putting it on her at a fairly young age so she doesn’t even seem to know it’s there to play with it.

Really pretty..

I had bought this off Amazon. It's a really nice and everything . I'm just not happy that it is way to small to be a teething necklace!!! I really upset about that part and I'm almost wanting to send it back as it is not what was said in description. Not happy.. sorry!!!

Kristine Brockman
"... the Green color Amber beads and the design is awesome. I had another pair which I had lost ..."

"I order the Green color Amber beads and the design is awesome. I had another pair which I had lost and that brand was very basic. These give a very cute look on top of working so fast and great. They are a little long, tuck well inside her shirt so she will get a long use out of them. My LO has been drooling a lot and while wearing the beads she has so much releaf. She isn't fussy now or drooling while in the beads. She wears them all day except while napping and at night. I would buy again for my friends."

"We love this for our kids"

"I received this necklace as a gift for my first son. At the time, he was teething and nothing was helping him feel better so my friend gave me this, I immediately put it on him, I mean come on, I was desperate and was ready to try anything. For the first week I didn't see a lot of change and was about to give up hope and actually took the necklace off my son. After taking it off, his teething symptoms were horrible. He was so sad, so I decided to give the necklace another try. After the first two weeks we could tell a difference. He was happier and the teething symptoms weren't as bad. My son now has all his teeth but he still wears the necklace. We love it and feel like it keeps him centered. I'll be adding one of these to my cart today for my second son."